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Client Testimonials



"Day 1... I've had a lot of those. Fallen more times than I can count but one constant has always been Alyson at AB Fitness Studio. Alyson has created such a space that even when you don't feel your best, you leave feeling your best. The classes are fun yet challenging. Someone who has her fair share of physical challenges has always been able to modify when needed. The instructors are awesome, motivating, encouraging and always ready to kick your butt. It's easy to stay down when you've fallen but Alyson has always been there to help me get back up and start day one even if it's hard. 1on1 training has been a lifesaver to me. Being able to build strength and pushed to see what I'm actually capable of has helped me tremendously. If you are looking for a place that is welcoming, kick your butt, ;having you feeling better mentally and physically, look no further"


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"I've struggled most of my adult life with fitness and weight issues. My list of physical limitation is long and includes cardiac issues and serious arthritis.


Alyson has designed a program that works around and addresses my limitations. I’ve been a client since July 2022 and I’ve never once thought about giving up.  I credit Alyson and the studio for that.  She makes the exercises challenging enough for me to experience improved fitness without making them so difficult that I feel overwhelmed.  In addition to a great exercise regime, she’s a great coach and cheerleader.  She motivates me to work hard and to continue the program.


Since starting I’ve lost more than 50 pounds.  My weight is the lowest it’s been in over thirty years and it’s a great feeling."



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